Las Vegas VIP Services

Exotic Limousines Inc are dedicated to customer service. From the moment our clients come into town we offer many different types of transportation, along with variety of VIP services. We offer personal VIP Hosting that can put you in touch with Hotels, Nightclub Owners, and Senior VIP Hosts. We call it directly connecting with our resources. What this means to our valued clients is that they get top rated VIP services without paying the middle man mark up. Instead of dealing with somebody who knows somebody to get you in to a club or on a golf course, We put you in direct contact with some of the most reputable people in the field; or if you prefer we at Exotic Limousines Inc can do all the work for you. How is this possible? We are a premier transportation company in Las Vegas . We have worked in this industry for a decade and we know most all of the club owners and senior hosts on a personal level. We generate lots of clientele for many businesses in Las Vegas , so we are able to accommodate you in a way that many other companies just simply can not do. Here are some of the nightclubs and hosts that we work with and have close partner relationships with. These are just some of the resources that we have to offer you. Please call and inquire for anything that you don't see here.


VIP Services

To help us better serve you, please make your limousine reservation in advance.



Change / Cancellation Policy

Each regular limo reservation has a minimum charge of one hour to make a reservation. For a Giant, Hummer, or speciality limousine there is a 2 hour minimum required to secure the reservation. Charges are calculated by the total amount of time it takes the driver to drive from the "Company Station/Airport" to the pick up location, the transfer of passengers, and the amout of time it takes the driver to return to the "Company Station/Airport." This type of charge is commonly referred to as "door to door charge" or "Company Station to Company Sation." Airport transfers may incur a $5-$10 fee depending on the size of the limousine and transportation destination.

Cancellation Policy: Reservation(s) for 3 hours or less must be cancelled 24 hours prior to time of service to receive a full refund. Reservation(s) longer than 3 hours must be cancelled 48 hours prior to time of service to receive a full refund.